Where and who can use MarbleFlows

This article describes MarbleFlows use cases

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Where can I use MarbleFlows?

MarbleFlows provides a tool for different touchpoints with users/customers. Possible use cases for the software include:

  1. In SaaS product

  • For product onboarding and feature updates: to increase product adoption and product usage.

  • For navigating around the product and connecting resources: to educate users without leaving the product.

  1. In your academy/ LMS

For personalised welcome: to increase user engagement and connecting academy with your product or/and website.

  1. In your blog

For converting website traffic into leads and screening for high-quality leads.

Who can use MarbleFlows?

MarbleFlows is to serve multiple teams depending on the purpose of a flow.      

  • Customer Success teams: for increasing engagement in product and in an academy, connecting a product with an academy.

  • Product teams: for increased product usage, reduced churn and increased customer lifecycle value.

  • Marketing teams: for generating leads, for segmenting the audience.

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