What are interactive elements

This article describes the interactive elements that can be added to a flow.

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To add interaction elements to your flow, choose Interaction in the left-side menu of the flow editor:

You can choose from an array of interaction elements and new elements are constantly added to the selection.

So what are those interaction options?

  1. Block of buttons

A great addition to the interactivity with our audience.

By default two buttons are added. They can be assigned conditional logic and you can add more buttons or delete unnecessary ones.

The buttons can be with an icon, image or an emoji.

There is also three available button sizes and you can choose their location on the flow page.

  1. Survey

Survey is a multiple choice question that can be added to the flow.

In the settings opened on the right-hand side you can set up the amount of options and the right one. Also you can decide if you want to show the result window or not.

You can also color it the way you want it and change the paddings.

  1. Gamified survey

Gamified survey is a variation of a survey with a timer and count-down included.

You can set up everything: the welcome page, the QnA page and if you want to show the results page or not.

Set up the design settings and set up.

  1. Email form

An email form is a pre-built element for collecting the email addresses from your audience.

Add the name of the form and change the form's design.

You can also add a placeholder and the change the name from "Email" to anything else.

  1. Text form

A text form is a pre-built element for collecting an open-end feedback from your users.

  1. Submission form

A submission form is a pre-built element for collecting the data from your users. By default there are the fields for First name, Last name and email address. But you can add more fields or delete unnecessary ones.

The form can be used for example for demo requests or sales call requests.

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