How to connect pages

This article is about connecting pages with one another to create a smooth flow

Alexey Sytnikov
Written by Alexey SytnikovLast update 1 year ago

With MarbleFlows you are able to create multi-page funnels to go your users through. But how to specify this conditional logic of page connection? The answer is buttons.

Types os buttons

There are separate buttons that you can add to the canvas. You can find them under the Button tab in the editor.

But there are buttons within the Interactive Elements such as Surveys, Forms, etc.

Each button should redirect somewhere! This is a rule we have to remember while creating flows with conditional logic.

Connecting buttons with pages

By default, there's no connection. So, let's have a look how to build this connection between a button and a page.

Once you click on any button on the canvas you will see Settings section on the right. We will need Edit button sub-section. There you can change the name of the button and set where this button will redirect a user to. There are to ways:

  • to another within the flow -> Page link tab OR

  • to external resource (your website or landing page, for example) -> External link tab

Let's say we want to redirect a user to Page 3 from Page 1. So, this is what you will have to choose from the drop down menu (Page 3).

Now there's a solid connection Page 1 -> Page 3 set for the user journey.

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