How to add survey to my flow?

In this article, we will cover how to add surveys and collect feedback from your users directly from integrated flow.

Written by AlenaLast update 1 year ago

Let's spice up your flows with special interaction blocks ⬇️

  1. From the left side menu in Editor choose "Intercations" block.

  2. Currently, you can choose between two options: Surveys and Gamified surveys


Add a survey to your flow 💡

You can edit text and button size and color, and add more answer options.

Note that the background of your survey field will be transparent and match your flow background.

To delete a block press on the empty space inside it and red bucket will appear at the top of the block.

You can choose whether your users will see automatically generated results. The results show how many percent of users answered with the same option.

Let's learn how to create a gamified survey ➡️

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