Team management

This article is about adding/removing your team members, their roles and flow access restrictions

Alexey Sytnikov
Written by Alexey SytnikovLast update 1 year ago

As the account owner, you have access to Team management functionality which allows you to:

  • add team members as creators to the account

  • remove team members from the account

  • assign team members to particular flows to work on them and have access to flow analytics

Adding and removing creators

To add/remove creators, go to Account settings (Home -> Avatar -> Account) and find the Team section.

To add a new creator, click on Invite Users and enter the email address of the person you would like to invite.

Once the invitation is sent, you will see a new creator in your Team table, and the user you invited will receive an email to their inbox asking them to create an account on MarbleFlows (enter a name and a password).

To remove a creator from the Team list, click on the red trash bin icon next to the creator's name.

Assigning creators

By default, new creators are not assigned to any flows. To assign a creator to a flow, open a flow and click on the gear icon (Settings) in the top right corner. Under the Assign creators tab, you will find the list of all creators assigned to a flow. As the account owner, you are automatically assigned to all flows.

To add a new creator to a flow, click on the dropdown list and choose the creators you want to assign to.

Once creators are assigned, they have access to edit a flow and see its analytics.

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